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NBA Offseason

THIS JUST IN: Greg Oden signs a two year minimum deal with the Miami Heat. This exponentially increases their chances with the three-peat as they now have the one missing token to their offense and defense: a true center. Their team rebounding will be higher than last year (hopefully this is true as they stood last in team rebounding last year) if he stays healthy. In my opinion I wouldn't let him start and possibly come in midway through the first quarter. I would be extremely scared of his health as he is extremely prone to injuries.
Also, with teams like the Spurs and now the new look Rockets, the Heat have a big man to guard, or make life more difficult, for bigs like Roy Hibbert and Dwight Howard.
Overall a good buy for the Heat as he has a great upside but if everything fails, the Heat are still dominant with LeBron and Dwayne and Bosh. And of course the Birdman.